Windows of Discovery

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling


Windows of Discovery, Inc views chemical dependency as an illness that can eventually result in grave consequences. It is a disease that is largely misunderstood and its seriousness often underestimated. As an illness that affects all life areas, chemical dependency does not appear in isolation. Family members and other significant persons suffer serious consequences and can unknowingly contribute to the progression of the illness.

Chemical dependency is a chronic and progressive illness and does not spontaneously improve without treatment. Windows of Discovery, Inc.’s basis for existence on philosophical tenet that chemical dependency is both preventable and treatable in the outpatient setting though the client might suffer from withdrawal severe enough to require an initial period of medical stabilization.

In the outpatient setting the client does not have to miss work, be separated from his or her family, or experience a substantial financial obligation. Windows of Discovery, Inc recognizes that continuity of care is vital to recovery and since outpatient care is less structured than the residential setting, there must be a strong commitment from the client and family to actively participate in treatment to maximize their potential for recovery. It is considered imperative that the client and family members access and utilize all available community resources (including A.A., N.A.,CR and AL-ANON) to address the complexities of chemical dependency.

 Established by: James E. Deaton LCSW/CADC